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February 3, 2005

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Sticky, Buddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sticky, Buddy
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Giant Day Geckos
Home: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
   This is Sticky and Buddy ... I got Sticky first from my pets unlimited. I went in there often enough to know exactly what species of reptiles and dog and cats they had at any givin time of the month. Most of the time I went with a friend to get crickets for his water dragon. Sticky and Buddy were both in a very small cage and they were there since October 2003. My mom would not help me out to get even one. She thought they were so gross, but I had finally convinced her to get just one by the end of January 2004 for my 16th Birthday and Buddy stayed there for many more months. Meanwhile at home my mom grew more fond of Sticky then around Easter I had convinced her to go back and get Buddy for Easter if he wasn't sold (which i was there often enough to know that he wasn't sold). So we ended up with two Giant Day Geckos. Now my mom loves them so much that she is actually getting a pair of her own when I move out.

    Sticky and Buddy look very similar but in fact they are very different. Sticky is always very calm and loves to lie under his fern on his heat pad. Buddy is always very excited he loves to run around in their terrarium and climb on all of the branches. I they eat mostly crickets but I sometimes get them meal worms, and fruit baby foods. Buddy's favorite food is apple sauce baby food and Sticky loves the meal worms. For the most part Giant day Geckos are pets that are not supposed to be handled too often, but every time I have my hands in the terrarium they immediately jump on. I often take them out and let them crawl on the walls, and when they have just shed they can even crawl on the ceiling without falling off.

    Sticky and Buddy are amazing animals to care for and pretty easy - after you know about all their needs. They love humidity (about 60% to 70%) and they love heat (about 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night time and 70 degrees during the day). They like the mist from their spray bottle.

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