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February 1, 2005

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Jack, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Flemish Giant mix
Home: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
   Hello there, my name is Jack ... also known as Jacky, Jacky Long Ears, Jack in the Box, Jumping Jack, Cracker Jack and Jacker! Phew! Yeah, I know, a lot of nicknames, eh? I am a very special bunny ... and also very lucky. My past is a bit fuzzy but I used to live with someone that decided they didn't want me anymore, so they abandoned me. I was very sad and lonely living out on my own. But then one day I found a really nice house that had two really pretty girl bunnies living outside. So I started to come by and visit these pretty girls, but the owners didn't really like my coming around because the two girl bunnies got kind of annoyed having me there. So they started to chase me away whenever I came around.

    I stopped coming for a couple of months and then came back in the spring. I started coming more and more and more, and Mom started leaving food for me. Then one day Mom was sitting outside in front of her bunnies hutch when I came hopping over. She was amazing at how tame I was, I wasn't at all afraid of her being there! Then one day, something really sad happened. Mom came out to feed her rabbits and found one of them had died. I was there hiding underneath the cage watching, and she was so upset and wouldn't stop crying. Then she saw me and said to go away (because I was bothering the other rabbit) but I didn't want to leave - I could see that Momma was really upset. So she set out a cage and put some food in it and within seconds I hopped in that cage and she closed the door!

    At first I was very scared, but then after a couple days of living there, Momma started to pet me and bond with me. The first time she held me she was shocked to find that I gave dozens and dozens over bunny kisses! I still do, I'm the most affectionate bunny ever, Momma says! I'm so happy here, life is great! When Momma was deciding on my name, she heard the song on the radio "Hit The Road Jack" and thought it was appropriate since she had tried for so long to chase me away - hee hee hee. Good thing for her - and 'specially for me - that I decided to stick around. As I said, life is great here!

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