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December 18, 2005

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Morgan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Morgan
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sunday Conure
Home: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA
   Hello my name is Morgan. I'm a very handsome seven month old Sunday Conure. I have been living in my new home for a month and I am loving my new family. I have two brothers, a rabbit named Pugsley and a fish named Thomas.

    Pugsley wants to become friends with me but I'm rather unsure of him. I usually peck him on the nose/head or try to chew on his ears when he comes over to say hello. He takes it well and just goes on his merry way. Mom and Dad hope eventually we will become the best of friends. I only think that will be possible once he stops stealing my food. He gets a peck on the head for doing that too!

    I'm a happy little fellow who enjoys playing with my toys, watching TV, listening to music, helping my Dad do his homework on the computer and cuddling with my parents. I really love hiding in and playing with my Mom's hair. I love giving and receiving kisses and getting rubbed all over. Especially my neck and under my wings. I get upset when they leave the room and I can't see them anymore. I call out to them until they return.

    I haven't learned how to talk yet but my parents are working with me to say a few words. I'm also learning how to enjoy baths. They are confused because all the books say birds love water... well I'm not a typical bird. When they try to give me a bath I try climbing out of the tub. Now they just give me a shower but I'm still not happy about getting wet.

    I love to try new foods. My favorite things to eat are spaghetti, pizza crust, chicken, popcorn and apples. I tried mashed potatoes for the first time last night, they were ok. I prefer to wear them on my beak while prancing around.

    My parents love me a lot and are happy I am a part of their family.

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