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December 10, 2005

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Franklin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Franklin
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Leopard gecko
Home: Russell, Ontario, Canada
   Hello, my name is Franklin! When my parents came to get me at the pet store I was the only one left in the aquarium. People came in and took my brothers and sisters, but not me. I spent my days sleeping under a leaf... I was starting to give up hope. But I was finally adopted one sunny day in June!

    I am the first lizard my mommy and my daddy have and they're very happy with me! I think I'm the most spoiled gecko ever... maybe that's why I'm bigger than most of my kind (that's what everybody says!). They take me out almost every night. When my parents watch TV, they put me in my special yellow blanket and I'll watch TV with them! During the summer they take me outside... I love the outdoors! On special occasions (like my birthday or Christmas) they'll buy me my favorite treats: wax worms! When people come over I'll hang out with them, but I prefer the ladies! But when I'm not out and about, I like to chill in my pad - it's pretty cool, my parents decorated it really well!

    So all in all, I'm one very happy gecko; I'm pretty quiet and I let my parents give me belly and chin rubs! I don't think my parents would change me for the world!!

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