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December 4, 2005

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Faline, the Pet of the Day
Name: Faline
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
   Faline is a mini-lop, but really looks more like a pure-bred French Lop to me. She was named after Bambi's girlfriend since she resembles a deer so much. She doesn't come out of the cage because of her tremendously inept rabbit owners that preceded us. We adopted her when she was about six months old.

    At the time, she and our recently deceased (10/24/05) bunny, Roger, didn't get along very well. But, after some encouragement and much patience, they fell into a peaceful existence of snuggling and begging for treats together. Now that Roger has passed away, we don't want her to be lonely and are trying real hard to socialize her and make her realize that she is free to roam room while we are home. We are hoping to be treated to some great binkies when she gets used to her roaming area because she has some really big back feet. She already seems to be comfortable with the idea of being out of the cage. She used to throw fits when Roger would come out to play. She would never venture out, though, even as the door remained open for her and eventually Roger stopped coming out to.

    She loves her veggies as well as a cereal treat in the AM. She has a rock in her three-cage mansion that she rarely wants to leave. She'll actually stretch from the rock in the back of the cage to her treat bowl in the front just keeping her back end on the rock. I guess she's afraid we'll try to take it away again since she didn't have it for a while as it was soiled and took up so much room. So, the rock definitely stays!

    We love her to bits and hope she lives a long, happy, healthy life until she goes to meet our beloved Roger at the Rainbow Bridge!

    SPECIAL NOTE: Please don't buy rabbits for gifts. They are loving, social, and timid animals that are not good for small children. They need lots of care and can live quite a while, long after the average gift recipient tires of them. Do your research if you do want a rabbit as a pet and the love and joy they will bring you will be boundless! Don't think of them as "disposable" pets, there is no such thing!

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