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December 2, 2005

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Sally, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sally
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch pattern guinea pig
Home: Washington, USA
   Sally is a little rodent with an astonishingly outgoing personality. When we went to adopt a piggie, there were lots of cute ones available, but we chose her because while the others ran and hid, she was the only one to run up and greet us. Within a few months she learned to use a litterbox, so she runs around the house freely most of the time. Not only does she love to go exploring in the house and sometimes the garden, she sometimes follows us around like a dog, trotting along behind our feet. Sally is very friendly and easy to pet, and she purrs happily when she's hugged.

    People sometimes think of guinea pigs as "cage pets" that aren't very interactive, but Sally proves how much more they can be; as active and playful as she is, it's like having a little two-pound dog. Although most dogs aren't quite so fond of lettuce.

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