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Nikki the Quaker Parrot Nikki
Quaker Parrot
New York, USA
December 01, 2005

Sally the Dutch pattern guinea pig Sally
Dutch pattern guinea pig
Washington, USA
December 02, 2005

Zoe the Lovebird Zoe
Wayne, New Jersey, USA
December 03, 2005

Faline the Mini Lop Rabbit Faline
Mini Lop Rabbit
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
December 04, 2005

Stormboy the Quarter Horse, Arabian Stormboy
Quarter Horse, Arabian
Queensland, Australia
December 05, 2005

Floppie the Dutch, Lop Floppie
Dutch, Lop
Norfolk, UK
December 06, 2005

Erytheia the Teddy guinea pig Erytheia
Teddy guinea pig
Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA
December 07, 2005

Cookie Monster the Rabbit Cookie Monster
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
December 08, 2005

Angel the Dwarf Hamster Angel
Dwarf Hamster
Columbus, Indiana, USA
December 09, 2005

Franklin the Leopard gecko Franklin
Leopard gecko
Russell, Ontario, Canada
December 10, 2005

Lemiwinks the Guinea Pig Lemiwinks
Guinea Pig
Illinois, USA
December 11, 2005

Sarge the Congo African Grey Sarge
Congo African Grey
Davis, California, USA
December 12, 2005

Catlyn the Dwarf Hamster Catlyn
Dwarf Hamster
Germantown, Wisconsin, USA
December 13, 2005

Daisy the Lutino Parakeet Daisy
Lutino Parakeet
Lancaster, Texas, USA
December 14, 2005

Cecelia the Abyssinian Cecelia
Montclair, New Jersey, USA
December 15, 2005

Cavallo the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse Cavallo
Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse
Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA
December 16, 2005

Bailey the Dutch Rabbit Bailey
Dutch Rabbit
Orange County, California, USA
December 17, 2005

Morgan the Sunday Conure Morgan
Sunday Conure
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA
December 18, 2005

Leaduce the Red Eared Slider Leaduce
Red Eared Slider
New York, USA
December 19, 2005

Buster the Gerbil Buster
Vienna, Virginia, USA
December 20, 2005

Annabelle the African Pygmy Hedgehog Annabelle
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
December 21, 2005

Twinkie the Gouldian finch Twinkie
Gouldian finch
Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA
December 22, 2005

Evander, Charlie, Fluffy, Tyson the Rabbit Evander, Charlie, Fluffy, Tyson
Romeoville, Illinois, USA
December 23, 2005

Snuggles the Goffin Cockatoo Snuggles
Goffin Cockatoo
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
December 24, 2005

Beeker the Mini Lop Beeker
Mini Lop
Chicago, Illinois, USA
December 25, 2005

Jake the Black Bear Hamster Jake
Black Bear Hamster
Woodbury, Minnesota, USA
December 26, 2005

Coco the Guinea Pig Coco
Guinea Pig
Upper Makefield, Pennsylvania, USA
December 27, 2005

Sparkie the Whiteface Cockatiel Sparkie
Whiteface Cockatiel
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
December 28, 2005

Mazlicek the Lop Rabbit Mazlicek
Lop Rabbit
Prague, Czech Republic
December 29, 2005

Fargo the Percheron Horse Fargo
Percheron Horse
Libertyville, Illinois, USA
December 30, 2005

Chilli the Chinchilla Chilli
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
December 31, 2005

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