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August 28, 2005

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Jeffrey, Miranda, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jeffrey, Miranda
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: English Lop Rabbit
Home: UK
   Jeffrey lost his partner Lotte last summer but has fallen in love with Miranda, a rescue rabbit who was left outside a vets in a box. Both, although initially wary of us, are now fun-loving bunnies with a whole garden to explore freely.

    Jeffrey is a lovable male. He can be quite lazy sometimes and enjoys sitting comfortable to be fussed. He gets so comfortable that he falls asleep, lies on his side and has been known to roll down the garden! When I follow him around the garden to give him some exercise he twists and turns. But Jeffrey's main love is food and he will eat out of your hand and run to you at the slightest hint of a meal. He is now on a diet and is doing very well.

    Miranda, on the other hand, is a busy lady rabbit and can be seen digging and moving soil around the garden regularly. She has managed to dig a long long tunnel and would work on it every day, while Jeffrey guarded the top. It has taken some time for Miranda to relax as she was a little scared of our cat, Toby and because she had been distressed having been dumped outside a vet's in a box. Now Miranda, whose coat is silky and soft will sit next to her mate Jeffrey and be fussed. They can often be seen with their cheeks together and appear to love one another.

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