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August 21, 2005

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Dudley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dudley
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Welsh mix Pony
Home: Manchester, England
   This is my horse Dudley, we have had him for about a year now. He is really special because we found him at the auction (me, my mum and sister) in Holmfirth. He was in such a state! So thin, so unhealthy and too scared to be touched! We spent absolutely ages trying to get him tame and have confidence in us, and to make him trust us because the people before that had him had obviously not taken care of him properly. We rescued him from there because he could have been sold and slaughtered! As soon as my mum got there she fell in love with him straight away. We had always wanted a horse and had been trying to find the right one, but Dudley is the right one. Ever since we have got him, even though he was so scared, he has never done anything to hurt us at all!

    I, my mum and Jade love him to bits and nothing can ever change that ! Now he is as good as gold, still is scared of some little things, but never hurts us! He stands at about 13.3 hands high. We once took him to a show and in the category Bonnie pony he got 1st Prize! (We were really proud because he was against miniature Shetlands ponies!) And in the Young Handler (he was only three at the time and not long since he was gelded) he came in 4th place! The rosettes hang very proudly in the living room, where everyone can see them!

    We couldn't even get on his back until about seven months ago and we can now and ride him very regally. Poor babe, I can't imagine what he had been through before we had him and you can tell he is happy with us now! As you can see, I think he is a very handsome pony indeed!

    He is sooo special to my sister, my mum and very to much me!!!

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