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August 13, 2005

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Elijah Blu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elijah Blu
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Betta splenden
Home: Brooklyn, New York, USA
   While not my first betta, Elijah Blu ("Eli") was a planned addition to the family. During October 2004, I was home sick and to cheer myself up, I spent time preparing an empty fishbowl for a "new arrival." Once it was ready, I took a trip to a local pet store, and this little guy was so pretty and so friendly, I could not resist him! He is a stunning shade of aquamarine, and a very active and playful fish.

    Eli quickly adapted to his new bowl; it was a pleasant change from the tiny cup he was stored in at the pet shop. He is one of the most interactive fishes I've ever had. Immediately he began bubble-nesting, and playing hide-and-seek within his plants. Most fun of all, Eli recognizes me and his other friends and family members. He "dances" to get their attention, and absolutely makes eye-contact.

    Elijah Blu was named after Cher's son, Elijah Blue. For the first week, I was not sure what to call him. For short, I called him "Blue." This was far too boring a name for this special guy, and so after some research, we settled on "Elijah Blu," with a jazzed-up spelling! Sometimes I sing him the song "Eli's Coming," which he seems to enjoy.

    Eli loves food, and he loves his younger brother, a tan betta named Paul5/Elvis2. Their bowls are side-by-side in the living room, which gives them both a great view of the household. When sleeping, Eli can be found nestled beneath a low artificial plant.

    Eli is also a well-travelled fish, who lived for his first three months in New Jersey, then he moved with me to Brooklyn. He is both a city and suburban fish. Thanks for getting to know Elijah Blu!

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