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August 3, 2005

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Rio, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rio
Age: Four and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: White capped pionus
Home: Aurora, Ontario, Canada
   Hello, my name is Rio de Janeiro, or Rio for short. My human bought me at a breeder. I was sooo happy the day I came home to them :) I can do a couple of tricks my human taught me like hanging upside down from his hand, playing dead in his arms, and I can come when I am called.

    I can so far only whistle but I'm working on the talking. My human is very proud of me while im writing this letter as I just finished my hand feedings yay!!! :) :) :) :). Gotta go, but I hope to talk to you guys real soon!

    Rio nuzzles my neck when he is on my shoulder preens my hair and tells me secrets by putting his beak up to my ear and softly chirping.

    He also loves bathing (well mostly getting blow-dried after) he puts his wings up and pretends he's flying!. He could already make a kissing noise and he almost whistle when we had only had him for a month. He also loves to hang upside down from his cage and bat around his toys. He is a great bird!

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