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April 30, 2005

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Cricri, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cricri
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Charolais, Ayrshire cross
Home: Sainte-Sophie, Québec, Canada
   Hi! I am not a pet like others... I am a cow! But my owner loves me, she adores me! She says it's sure that with my pure kindness, who couldn't like me, anyway? I love to be touched on the belly, it's so soft! It makes me fall asleep. Even if I have friends always wanting to play, I stay calm.

    My first owner, the neighbor of my actual owner, named me Cricri. I'm red and white like an Ayrshire cow should be, but this breed is known for the milk. As for me, my mother was an Ayrshire, but my father was a Charolais bull. That means my look is bigger than any dairy cow... I weight almost a ton! My average is around 1,800 pounds. What else? Oh, I had horns like on my photo. That permitted me to be the chief in my ancient herd with Lili, a gray cow who was the chief of our gang of twelve cows, calves and Bouly, the bull. However, dangerous as they were to the others, they are now a souvenir of me in my house.

    Now, my family. During all my life, I've produced four calves, the fourth I will bear this month. Finally, I eat almost anything that exists... grass, corn, bread!... and I eat a lot! I'm a big girl, after all!

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