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April 29, 2005

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Charles-Maurice, the Pet of the Day
Name: Charles-Maurice
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Rat
Home: Barcelona, Spain
   This is Maurice, my black rat. His full name is Charles-Maurice, but we just call him Maurice. I met him when I was hard looking for a pet rat (my previous rat-love Armand-Jean had just died one month before and I wanted to have another lovely pet like him). After seeing him in a pet shop I went home and I couldn't wait until I could buy him.

    Finally I went to the shop and bought him. Since that day he has been my pride and joy. He is the little spoiled rat of the family. He lives with two rabbits (Nishi no Tama and Kurenai) that are always jumping and making sounds on his cage (poor Maurice) and with two cats (Densha and Saikai) that also love him like me.

    I think Maurice is special because he is lovely as his elder brother Armand-Jean but different in many ways. He is a lovely rat, and very nice to everyone too, not biting. Of course I would never forget either of them because they are both members of my family. I love them!

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