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April 27, 2005

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Hoppy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hoppy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf, Rex Rabbit
Home: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
   Hello my name is Hoppy. I first saw my mommy when I was only a six weeks old; she came to the store where I and my siblings live. Mommy came to buy bird seed. As she walked by my cage, she looked at me and I looked up at her. It was a love at first sight and the next thing I knew I was in a nice warm box and on my way to my forever home. Mommy didn't know how to look after me at first, so she did some research and read all kinds of books. She tried to use commands from those books to train me, but I just ignored her. She drove me crazy with "jump," "No," "Stay," etc., and in the end she knew that all those commands didn't work so she gave up and decided just to be a loving mommy.

    I love my mommy very much and she is the best mom in the world. I am not a cage bunny and I am very clean. I use a litter box that my mom changes every morning. I do not damage or chew things in her apartment. I told mommy that she can trust me and I live up to that promise. My daily job is to greet her at the door every evening when she came home from work. I know that she is tired so I wait patiently for her to pick me up so I can give her bunny kisses as it is the only language I know to say "I am glad you are home!" After that I go and wait in the kitchen for my veggies. I also love fruits and my favorite fruits are blueberries, papaya and apple (which mom always give so little)! I also love to greet my mommy's friends and co-workers that come by for visits and I don't mind when they want to hug me. I was told that I am a good bunny, and have a very beautiful fur and colors.

    Mommy know that I have to be at home all by myself during the day so she adopted a friend for me and we are always together while mom is away at work. Both of us don't need to be in a cage, as we are good bunnies and we live happily ever after.

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