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April 18, 2005

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Oscar and Paradise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oscar, Paradise
Age: Three, one year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgies
Home: Melbourne, Australia
   Oscar (blue) and Paradise (green) have unique and lovable personalities that are totally different to each other. Oscar is a very, very intelligent bird (at an early age he learned how to escape from his cage) and a real "stickybeak," always checking out what his human cohabitants are up to. He flies around the house with precision and speed that seems like Mach 2 and eats like a horse!

    Paradise is a bit slower, lazier and also rebellious at times, often refusing to retire to the cage in the evening much to his human owners annoyance. The pair get along wonderfully and they both pine for each other if separated, even if only for a few minutes. They are both lovable birds full of character and brighten up the household even on the dullest of days with both their color and sometimes deafening (and long lasting) duets!

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