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Joey the Guinea Pig Joey
Guinea Pig
Warren, Michigan, USA
April 01, 2005

Lucky the Fancy Rat Lucky
Fancy Rat
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
April 02, 2005

Cracker the Cockatoo Cracker
California, USA
April 03, 2005

Ray the Guinea Pig Ray
Guinea Pig
Ontario, Canada
April 04, 2005

Regis the Sulcata Tortoise Regis
Sulcata Tortoise
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
April 05, 2005

Caesar the Cockatiel Caesar
Livonia, Michigan, USA
April 06, 2005

Linden the Amazon Parrot Linden
Amazon Parrot
Klaipeda, Lithuania
April 07, 2005

Chief the Appaloosa Chief
Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA
April 08, 2005

Kahil the Green Tree Python Kahil
Green Tree Python
Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
April 09, 2005

Juju the Peach faced lovebird Juju
Peach faced lovebird
British Columbia, Canada
April 10, 2005

Buddy the American Guinea Pig Buddy
American Guinea Pig
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
April 11, 2005

Freckles the Savannah Monitor Lizard Freckles
Savannah Monitor Lizard
Denver, Colorado, USA
April 12, 2005

Sparky the Flemish Giant Rabbit Sparky
Flemish Giant Rabbit
Utrecht, The Netherlands
April 13, 2005

Cactus Jack the Blue and Gold Macaw Cactus Jack
Blue and Gold Macaw
Ontario, Canada
April 14, 2005

Yetti the New Zealand White Yetti
New Zealand White
Maryland, USA
April 15, 2005

Whitie the Hamster Whitie
Nova Scotia, Canada
April 16, 2005

Moe the Guinea Pig Moe
Guinea Pig
Newark, Delaware, USA
April 17, 2005

Oscar, Paradise the Budgies Oscar, Paradise
Melbourne, Australia
April 18, 2005

Mischief the Mini Plush Lop Rabbit Mischief
Mini Plush Lop Rabbit
Grayson, Kentucky, USA
April 19, 2005

Keely the African Pygmy Hedgehog Keely
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Bowling Green, Ohio, USA
April 20, 2005

Jerry the Blue Fronted Amazon Jerry
Blue Fronted Amazon
Epping, New Hampshire, USA
April 21, 2005

Shadow the Black Bear Hamster Shadow
Black Bear Hamster
Plainedge, New York, USA
April 22, 2005

Smokey Bear the Appendix Quarter Horse Smokey Bear
Appendix Quarter Horse
Oak Harbor, Washington, USA
April 23, 2005

Spice the Guinea Pig Spice
Guinea Pig
Somerset, England
April 24, 2005

Trouper, Ripley the White Belly Caiques Trouper, Ripley
White Belly Caiques
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
April 25, 2005

Henry the Hamster Henry
Inverness, Florida, USA
April 26, 2005

Hoppy the Dwarf, Rex Rabbit Hoppy
Dwarf, Rex Rabbit
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
April 27, 2005

Joy the Umbrella Cockatoo Joy
Umbrella Cockatoo
DeSoto, Texas, USA
April 28, 2005

Maurice the Black Rat Maurice
Black Rat
Barcelona, Spain
April 29, 2005

Cricri the Charolais, Ayrshire Cricri
Charolais, Ayrshire
Sainte-Sophie, Québec, Canada
April 30, 2005

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