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September 23, 2004

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Prissy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Prissy
Age: 22 months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop Mix Rabbit
Home: Western USA
   This is a picture of my bunny rabbit Prissy. This little girl truly lives up to her name! Let me start by saying that I bought and rescued Prissy from a pet store in July 2002. At that time she was about eight weeks old. Her little black mustache was too cute to pass up!

    Prissy is my first pet bunny rabbit. And what a wonderful pet she is. She is very prim and proper. She was litter trained almost from day one. And she chooses to only drink out of a bowl - no water bottles for her. She always has her hair in a bow whenever she goes out shopping with me or to the vet. Every day has to be a good hair day of course! And she only walks on soft surfaces. She will not go in any room that is tiled. And outside she does not want to touch the cement. What a picky rabbit!

    Prissy is always a wonderful pick-me-up whenever I have had a bad day! I just can't wait to come home to her and her little bunny kisses. She loves me no matter what! And that is why I adore her also. Plus she is so cute - who wouldn't adore her?

    Prissy has taught me tons about bunnies. She has taught me that bunnies can drown if the toilet lid is left up (she was only 12 weeks old and decided she wanted to jump into the toilet - ker-plunk!!); she has taught me that I have to hold on tight to my Reese's Peanut Butter cups or she will steal them and run where mommy can't reach her; she has taught me that the floor is her turf and whatever is on it is fair game for her (ie. computer wires, the vacuum cleaner cord, the leather jacket, the remote control with the yummy rubber buttons, the leather tennis shoes, the phone cord, the nintendo remote cord, socks, playing cards, etc., etc.); and she has taught me that all I have to do is take care of her and give her attention and I will receive the same many times over!

    The myth about bunnies is that all they do is leave little rabbit pellets everywhere and they scratch and they run and hide all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth! Prissy never leaves a mess anywhere except her litter box; she never has purposely scratched or bitten anyone; and she sprawls out in the middle of the family room floor like she owns the joint (which she does!).

    Prissy also knows a few tricks. She will sit up on command. She also comes when her name is called. She knows that when I say I have to go bye-bye, that means she needs to get in her three story, five foot four inch carpeted condo cage. She knows nite-nite means it is bedtime. When I ask if she wants me to pet her, she knows that means come on over for a great rub down. Bunnies are very smart. You just have to spend time with them and they are really great pets! The key is to spend time with them. They are not meant to be thrown out in a cage in the back yard only to be seen for a minute or two a week. They love attention. You just have to give them time to learn to trust you.

    I hope the pictures of Prissy will make you smile like she makes me smile every day! I love her so much. She is wonderful!

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