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September 10, 2004

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Mickey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mickey
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Wilson White Chinchilla
Home: Oxfordshire, England
   Hiya I'm Mickey. I'm a Wilson White Chinchilla and I'm very special! Well, that's what my owner tells me! I live with my mate Misty and I am very happy, we've had babies together. I can get a bit nasty with other chinchillas but thats because I'm trying to protect Misty, as I'm a very protective chinnie. I love my raisins and playing in my wheel, although I keep getting told that it keeps my owner awake at night. I love giving my owner kisses and I love falling asleep in her arms.

    Mickey is very loving! He is a cheeky chappie. He is kept in a cage with Misty and they have been a pair for the past five years. He was a birthday present seven years ago and has been a lovely chin ever since! He is one of the softest chinchillas I've ever had. He loves his baths and his runs around the house. He has started to get a bit nasty with the other male chinchillas that we have as he is getting older, he tends to try to get to them as they are running past his cage. But he's a great chinnie!

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