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September 6, 2004

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Oreo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oreo
Age: Nine weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siberian Hamster
Home: Antioch, Illinois, USA
   Oreo is nine weeks old in this picture. He is a dwarf hamster. In the first week and a half that we had him we were able to hand tame him and to teach him a few tricks. He can be territorial while in his cage but while he is in his playpen, we can put our hands in and he will crawl into our palms and let us pick him up. We play with him for at least a half hour each day. He is determined to escape from anything! His favorite foods are popcorn (air-popped) and peanuts. His favorite activity is to burrow tunnels in his cage. His cage looks like a mess with shredded paper towels and litter thrown everywhere but that is just the way he likes it. Oreo responds to our voices and seems to love us as much as we love him :)!

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