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October 16, 2004

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Geico, the Pet of the Day
Name: Geico
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: High Yellow Leopard Gecko
Home: Warner Robin, Georgia, USA
   The day I got Geico was two years ago. I went to the pet store near by to pick up some crickets for my other pets. I went in and looked around like I all ways do and in a tank I saw a year old High Yellow Leopard Gecko looking at me. I wanted that leopard gecko so bad but did not have the money for it at the time. She was $80. Well than I remembered I had store credit from giving the pet store 35 mice. Even if I had $35 bucks credit I still did not have enough to get her. So I just gave up and said I would come back some time and see if she was still here. Before I left my dad had saw her and asked about her and see we know the store people very good and well my dad was going to buy the leo and just take 35 bucks off her. I said ok but the pet store lady told us that she would just give it to us for free well, I mean not all free she took the store credit but still we did not half to pay and we got her. When I got her home I put her with her new tank mate Gecky my other female leopard gecko. I gave Geico her name because I wanted to have more leopard geckos but only wanted the females to have "G" names. So that is how I named her.

    Well it's been two years with her and she loves me to death. Last year I got a male for the tank I named him Dragon and well this year Dragon was old enough to breed and well he had two females in the three females in the tank with him (I got another young girl). He bred with Geico and now Geico is a mom well for eggs at least. She has five eggs right now and She will be laying more soon. I guess I am lucky to have got Geico and Im glad I got her. I just hope she lives a long life with me.

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