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October 11, 2004

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KoKo, the Pet of the Day
Name: KoKo
Age: Eleven weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrot
Home: Newton, New Jersey, USA
   KoKo is a very sweet boy. I got him from a breeder in Florida. He is eleven weeks old and still being handfed. We are working on weaning right now. He knows the step-up command and he loves to cuddle and play. He gets along great with my three-year-old daughter who just loves him to pieces. I got KoKo when he was about seven weeks old. He has learned to fly on me already. And tries to fly to me when I am making his food. He chatters a lot when I am close by to let me know he is there. He has a great personality but can be a bit testy at times. I just love him so much, and I know he loves us too.

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