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October 7, 2004

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Puchiko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Puchiko
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Rabbit
Home: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
   I got Puchiko when she was about a month old. She was quite skittish, though never acted aggressively and to this day has never scratched nor bitten me.

    Out of all my pets, Puchiko is the quietest and most easy going. She always lets her cage mate, Sake, push her around and allows my hamster, Kiyone, to climb on her head. She also doesn't care when our dachshund, Rocky, licks her.

    Puchiko isn't as social as Sake and is jumpy with strangers but she loves it when I stroke her and when I try to brush her she loves to grab the brush and throw it. She also steals my dollar bills and throws stuffed animals off my bed ... when she's done rearranging my books, that is. And she's the only pet who likes to be carried around. Puchiko hasn't ever been outside (yet) but she shows great interest in the outdoors and I think she'll love it! Puchiko is definitely my Pet of the Day - every day.

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