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November 26, 2004

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Flannel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Flannel
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Hi, I'm Flannel! When my Mommy and Daddy got me I was just a tiny ball of silver fluff. Now I'm a big two-year-old grown up piggie, and I rule this household! Their last guinea pig was cuddly and affectionate and gave kisses like there was no tomorrow. They thought I'd be just like him. Boy, were they in for a surprise! I'm just a lean, mean, eating machine, and when I say "Wheek" they jump!

    I don't purr, I don't give kisses, and I don't like getting them, either (yuck). I really hate being held, but will put up with a nice chin scratch if I must. (I actually enjoy it, but they don't have to know this.) I am a semi-free range pig, since I escape every enclosure my silly slaves put me in. I have Mommy and Daddy trained to bring me veggie treats every time they come into "my" room, and there's heck to pay if they don't!

    Mommy and Daddy think I'm special because my antics keep them amused and they love to see me trotting around the room making chuk-chuk noises. I can't help it if they don't have a life. I like nudging open the door to their bedroom with my nose; then I can stay under the bed all day and do whatever I want!

    My favorite activity is eating, as you can see. I am getting ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast, with my own special treats. My Mommy and Daddy treat me like a king, doing my bidding whenever I wheek! Usually that means "bring me food," but sometimes it just means "play with me," or "let me out of here so I can hide under the bed!" Mommy and Daddy think I'm the smartest, cutest, and most independent piggie they have ever known. I'm certainly the softest! I brighten every day for them and always make them laugh. Guinea Pigs are the best therapy!

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