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November 24, 2004

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Harvey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harvey
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini-lop rabbit
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Harvey is an extremely affectionate and smart and happy rabbit. Ever since we brought him home when he was eight weeks old we cannot imagine our lives without him.

    He is a very spoiled rabbit who thinks he is a human. He has three homes. During the warmer months, he lives in a hutch duplex on our back deck. He has his favorite toys in his home that we often rotate. He loves his hay and likes to snuggle in it. During the snowy winter months, he lives in a large hutch in our heated basement. When we are home, he loves to be inside and has the full run of the downstairs. We always give him a carrot or other treat when we bring him in. He is litterbox trained. When he is inside, he enjoys exploring and running around and jumping for joy. He is a very curious creature. If there are any new or unusual items in the hallway-- laundry basket, shoes, a package, etc., he will immediately run over, investigate this mysterious new object, jump onto it, if possible and nudge it a few times. If he hears a noise, he will stand up on his hind feet to make himself taller and look around. It's funny to watch his nose go back and forth and his ears move forward when he is very curious.

    Eventually Harvey gets tired of running around and exploring and he will lie down on his side in our hallway. If he is lying down in the hallway at one end and I go to the other end and say "come," he leaps up with great joy and runs over to me and greets me by licking my face and hands. When I pet him, he relaxes completely and closes his eyes and purrs in absolute contentment. I love giving him attention and watching how happy he makes me want to pet him and love him all day and never leave his side! I love that he is always so excited to see me even if he just saw me a few minutes earlier!

    Harvey gets along great with all of our friends' dogs. He has become friends with a collie, Dalmatian and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Harvey's favorite food are bananas. He will curl his lips up when I give him banana because he does not like gooey things on his lips. He also loves raisins, apples and oatmeal. I keep his treats in one of our kitchen cabinets and when I open the cabinet door and rattle it a bit, he comes running from the hallway and stands right next to me and gets up on his hind legs and licks his lips and waits very patiently for a treat. At times, we feed him greens out of "human" plates, which he seems to enjoy.

    Every day, Harvey amazes me with his child-like innocence and curiosity. Every day he brings me such joy and he always always makes me smile. Every day I am so grateful for his unconditional love and trust and feel so lucky to have him in my life.

   See Harvey's other photo.

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