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November 8, 2004

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Niko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Niko
Age: Fourteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: Green, Ohio, USA
   My name is Niko and I live with my mom, dad, a quaker parrot, a blue and gold macaw, two German Shepherds, a cat and my human brother and sister. Our house is noisy all the time except when all us birds go to bed at night! Guess the humans must like it that way! As for me, I talk all day long, calling our dog Baron, whistling the Andy Griffith theme song and I'm always asking mom to scratch my head.

    My mom says I am a lot of company for her and she loves listening to me talk. When the other birds get tired of me talking, they tell me to be quiet. Mom laughs at us a lot and I'm glad I help make her so happy. She sure makes me happy!

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