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November 7, 2004

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Handsome, the Pet of the Day
Name: Handsome
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Nubian Goat
Home: Acton, California, USA
   Handsome was a bit of a surprize. We actually adopted his mom, named Princess, from a farm near Edward's Air Force base. The day we picked her up the former owners told us she "may be pregnant." His mom is a five- year-old Nubian, she had clearly been overbred. We hoped to put her in our pen as a companion goat to our Pygmy baby who lost his mommy. We foresaw a nice a quiet life for both. Low and behold, three months later out came twin baby Nubian goats - she must have been two months pregnant when we got her! The neighborhood children came to help and named them "Sir Lancelot" and "Handsome" because they were both gorgeous and Blonde. Unfortunately, after five days of hand feeding, vet visits and IV, Sir Lancelot, Handsome's brother, did not survive. Our entire neighborhood was very distraught. He gained huge popularity in a short time. We were very very sad.

    As you can imagine, today our "Handsome" is even more precious then he already was. He is four months old and 80 pounds (he loves sweet feed and the plums off the fruit trees) and he is completely adorable. All (species) of ladies love him from our female cocker spaniel to the lady horse next door.

    Handsome is bound to break hearts. He the most attentive wonderful handsome boy. We couldn't imagine life without him. Handsome has a zest for the ladies and for life - every one seems to gravitate towards him immediately. We thank the heavens above, he was a suprise and a miracle at the same time.

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