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November 1, 2004

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Tweeky D, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tweeky D
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Veiled Chameleon
Home: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
   This is my veiled chameleon "Tweeky D." He is very sociable and every morning climbs down from his sleeping perch to the place he knows I will dump in a few crickets. He drinks and eats out of my hand. Apparently he doesn't mind being handled for short periods of time. All I do is stick my hand in the cage and he eagerly climbs aboard. That is because he knows I am going to take him for a walk in the garden, where he can be blown around by the breeze and stalk insects.

    Tweeky simply just rocks. I can't wait for him to achieve adult colors. He is 8" long and beginning to show traces of light blue to bluish green. He also has the diamond color pattern along the back that all the juvenile veiled seem to have and display when they are excited. In the mornings he will sometimes sport a brown color and start yawning, presumably because he doesn't like being woke up. He also will flatten out and turn side ways to the sunlight, showing brown with orange spots. This brown I suppose is for better heat absorption. At night when he is on his sleeping branch he is a light lime green. That color shows he is very content. It is nice to see him like that - on his branch with a tummy full of crickets and a nice light green color with a few scattered white spots.

    He is really very amiable. They say not to handle chameleons, that they are for viewing only. Tweeky, however likes to climb all over me while I am on the computer. He is definitely a social chameleon!

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