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May 28, 2004

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Xinxeta, the Pet of the Day
Name: Xinxeta
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: La Roca del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain
   I receive Xinxeta as a present last Christmas. She's nearly the best present that I've ever received. Because I love animals, I have enough patience every day to play with her hours and hours to win her confidence. At first, she was very independent and she didn't come to me, but now she is more affectionate with me and with other people.

    Every day she surprises me with different things. She likes jumping in my bed and she stays in the pillow, but also she pisses in the bed's bottom sometimes - No, No Xinxeta!

    My father doesn't like Xinxeta. He says that she is like a rat, so, he calls her rat! It's funny when my father goes to his room and Xinxeta follows behind him and enters in the room. My father starts shouting: "Montse, come here and take away that rat from my room!!" Xinxeta has strange powers, she can be in any room of the house, but when she knows that my father goes to his room, she appears and goes behind him! It's so funny! She doesn't care what he calls her!

    Also she climbs the step-ladder, and when she finishes with her sand bath (she loves it) and I have to sweep, she goes behind the broom. I like what she does when she is having her bath! She looks so happy!

    During the day, Xinxeta stays in her cage, but when I arrive home in the afternoon, I let her to go out and run everywhere. I sit in the floor with my legs crossed and she comes and jumps in them. She loves eating raisins, but I only give her three once a day, because it's not healthy for her. Also she loves peanuts and nuts, but only twice or three times a week for the same reason!

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