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May 22, 2004

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Pinky, The Brain, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pinky, The Brain
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Albino, Gray African Clawed Frogs
Home: USA
   Hi, I'm Pinky, and this is my friend, the Brain! We are African Clawed Frogs, but we're not really from Africa. My mom ordered us from the people at Grow-A-Frog, when we were "froglets," and only a half an inch long! As you can see, we've grown quite a bit, and we're now a little over three inches (and still growing!). I'm a little bit bigger than the Brain, though, since I'm always the first to grab the food pellets we eat. I may be a little overweight, but hey, I'm sensitive too, so don't say anything about it. Boys, like us, stay pretty small, and believe it or not, we sing! It sounds like a fast clicking. Ladies are bigger, and will only sing if a male is singing to her.

    We don't have girlfriends, though ... my mom doesn't want to take the chance of ending up with tadpoles. In one bunch of eggs, you can end up with up to 2,000 tadpoles, all which can live for up to fifteen years! Yikes!

    As you can see by our picture, we are very handsome boys, and we have a very busy schedule: swim around the tank, float at the surface, try to eat some rocks, hide from the cats behind our tank ornaments... oh, yes, and eat!

    We love our food! Every evening, we are fed a couple fish pellets (yum!). I'm the more outgoing of the two of us, so I'm always the first to swim to the surface, using my powerful hind legs and webbed feet, and grab a food pellet in my "hands". Then I stuff it in my mouth and retreat to the bottom of the tank to wait for another one to float by. My mom thinks she's so funny: she insists on playing the theme from "Jaws" whenever she feeds us. But we're really harmless, I swear! Unless, of course, you're a fish pellet. We'll eat anything that fits in our mouths, but we never bite (though I have been known to take pellets from our mom's fingers), and our little hind-foot claws don't really have a purpose. We make great pets for anyone looking for a strange and interesting aquarium habitant. However, we cannot be kept with fish. Remember what we eat?

    All we really need is an aquarium and a place to hide, like a cave. We can't go on land (we'll dry out!), and we're great escape artists, so be sure to keep a lid on our tank. Once, the Brain slipped through a crack in the lid, crawled out of the bedroom, down the hall and into the bathroom. Our mom found him stuck to the wall of the shower, and very dehydrated. Luckily, she found him in time, and he survived. It's not a good idea to hold us, as we are very slippery, and can easily scape from your hands. Just think of us as "ugly fish", as one website puts it: we have very similar needs to a fresh-water aquarium fish. If you want to, you can dress up our tank with gravel, a background, a heater and a filter. Being the pampered amphibians we are, we have them, but they're not really necessary. If you're looking for a unique and amusing pet, an African Clawed Frog might just be the right choice! We think we're cool.

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