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May 16, 2004

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Whiskers, the Pet of the Day
Name: Whiskers
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Martin Sable Netherland Dwarf
Home: South Australia, Australia
   Whiskers was purchased at our local fodder store while I was at school the day after a rabbit show, when I found out that my first breeding pair were two females. Some people kept offering to lend my one of their males to breed from but I insisted that I wanted my own rabbit. And I'm glad I did because he is the friendliest rabbit ever! Whenever I open his cage he always wants his head scratched. Then after he gives me a kiss which I call a WhisKiss!

    He has two girlfriends called Buddy and Kara. He has been bred with both of them and only Kara's litter survived. But Buddy's had the max factor gene and all but one were born dead . Only one did survive out of that litter that I had to hand rear but unfortunately that one died at three days old.

    Unfortunately Whiskers doesn't get along with his two sons and always has to be saved from fights, so I have learnt not to put them together again. Once I had all the rabbits in a pen and he had to go on the other side. He wanted to be with the others so badly that he decided to stick his head through one of the small holes in the plastic fence! We ended up having to cut the fence up to get his head out! the poor little thing!

    Luv you Whiskers!

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