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May 15, 2004

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Iggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Iggy
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Iguana
Home: Fairfield, Iowa, USA
   Iggy the Iguana is a member of the household. She recognizes her family people and doesn't much trust strangers. Iggy likes to be held if you have warm hands. She has an aquarium with a light to keep her warm, but there's no top on the aquarium and she climbs out onto the jade bush by the window and gets warm in the sun. She eats lettuce, fruit and vegetables and in the few months we've had her she's already grown three inches. To drink she licks sprayed water off leaves of the jade plant.

    I wanted an Iguana for a long time and finally convinced my parents that a lizard would make a good pet, and she's been great. Now everybody loves her. Sometimes she comes onto the table at dinner and we feed her bits of salad. Sometimes the outdoor cat looks at her through the window as she catches the warm rays of the sun.

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