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Fred the Red lored Amazon Fred
Red lored Amazon
Athens, Alabama, USA
May 01, 2004

Peanut the Hamster Peanut
Minnesota, USA
May 02, 2004

Scooby Doo the Rex Rabbit Scooby Doo
Rex Rabbit
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
May 03, 2004

Tucker the Percheron Tucker
Rural Missouri, USA
May 04, 2004

Bazz the Guinea Pig Bazz
Guinea Pig
Melbourne, Australia
May 05, 2004

Sunny the Sun Conure Sunny
Sun Conure
Orange County, California, USA
May 06, 2004

Wally the Mini Rex Rabbit Wally
Mini Rex Rabbit
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
May 07, 2004

Spike the Rat Spike
Goffstown, New Hampshire, USA
May 08, 2004

Chloe the Muscovy duck Chloe
Muscovy duck
The Woodlands, Texas, USA
May 09, 2004

Missy Lockie the Slender Billed Conure Missy Lockie
Slender Billed Conure
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
May 10, 2004

PeeWee the Shetland Pony PeeWee
Shetland Pony
Connecticut, USA
May 11, 2004

Chocolate the Hamster Chocolate
Fort. St. John, British Columbia, Canada
May 12, 2004

Peyton the Moluccan Cockatoo Peyton
Moluccan Cockatoo
Mobile, Alabama, USA
May 13, 2004

Teacup the Japanese Harlequin Teacup
Japanese Harlequin
Endwell, New York, USA
May 14, 2004

Iggy the Iguana Iggy
Fairfield, Iowa, USA
May 15, 2004

Whiskers the Martin Sable Netherland Whiskers
Martin Sable Netherland
South Australia, Australia
May 16, 2004

Pipi the Teddy Bear Hamster Pipi
Teddy Bear Hamster
British Columbia, Canada
May 17, 2004

Mikki the Blue Fronted Amazon Mikki
Blue Fronted Amazon
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
May 18, 2004

Harry the Guinea Pig Harry
Guinea Pig
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
May 19, 2004

Starsky the Dutch Dwarf Rabbit Starsky
Dutch Dwarf Rabbit
Ipswich, UK
May 20, 2004

Saby the Red Lory Parrot Saby
Red Lory Parrot
Macomb, Michigan, USA
May 21, 2004

Pinky, The Brain the Frogs Pinky, The Brain
May 22, 2004

Harley the Quarter Horse Harley
Quarter Horse
Northeast Pennsylvania, USA
May 23, 2004

Lulu the Umbrella Cockatoo Lulu
Umbrella Cockatoo
Waldwick, New Jersey, USA
May 24, 2004

Cotton the Dwarf rabbit Cotton
Dwarf rabbit
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
May 25, 2004

Murphy the Guinea Pig Murphy
Guinea Pig
Pequannock, New Jersey, USA
May 26, 2004

Tabi Faith the Lovebird Tabi Faith
Chester, Virginia, USA
May 27, 2004

Xinxeta the Chinchilla Xinxeta
La Roca del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain
May 28, 2004

Theo the Leopard Gecko Theo
Leopard Gecko
Millbrook, Alabama, USA
May 29, 2004

Mozart the Peruvian Guinea Pig Mozart
Peruvian Guinea Pig
Westmont, Illinois, USA
May 30, 2004

Fuzzie the Sugar Glider Fuzzie
Sugar Glider
Florida, USA
May 31, 2004

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