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March 27, 2004

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Kiwi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kiwi
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: White-Eyed Conure
Home: Beaverbank, Nova Scotia, Canada
   September 15th, 2002 my dog died, her name was Kima, she was very sick and old. When she died I lost a part of me. A couple months later I asked my parents for another dog. I felt really bad thinking so soon I wanted another pet, but I really needed someone to talk to and share my problems with, one that could just sit there and play with me, cheer me up like Kima did. My parents said no, but my mom started thinking about getting me a green-cheeked conure. She was saying they live for so long and they play with you and even talk back to you. Of course the fifteen year old girl I am, I got excited. My mom took me in Pets Unlimited to check out the parrots. I wasn't really into them as much as my mom seemed, I just really wanted a puppy.

    My mom said I looked like I didn't look interested in the parrots and I seemed timid of them. But once I found out there was absolutely no way of getting a puppy, I started looking more forward to getting a conure. My mother and father had already agreed none though. So one day when we were coming back from Prince Edward Island visiting our relatives, my mother was scared to cross the bridge because it was extremely windy out so we stopped by and waited for stores to open. We seen a Pets Unlimited there, so once they opened we checked it out. There was Kiwi, sitting on his cage. Actually, he was sort of running around and climbing on top of the dog treats picking at them. So I decided to look at him. I let him bite me, I tried playing with him, though he ran off, and looked like I wasn't afraid of him. Mom and dad took the bite and ended up buying him for me.

    Kiwi had to ride the whole way back to Nova Scotia in a box. His cage barely fit in our truck. When Kiwi arrived home he was scared for a while, I tried spending every time I could with him, making it hard to socialize with my friends like I usually do. A couple weeks later he was great, he wasn't frightened and the keeping him company part worked. He loves me more than others and I was the first to teach him stuff.

    It's been a couple of months later and now Kiwi has grown close to all my friends and relatives, he loves playing with everybody, he loves sitting around the room while people are chatting, he loves just being with me and others because he doesn't feel lonely. He really has never said words yet but every once in a while when he can hear me but can't see me he starts squawking. He is quite a lovable and friendly bird. I am really glad that I looked interested in him because he is actually better than I thought and the best things that happened to me for a while, especially after Kima died.

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