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March 24, 2004

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Emma, the Pet of the Day
Name: Emma
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sable Ferret
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
   Em (short for Emma) has quickly grown on me. She lives with her sister, Brooklyn, whom she has been attached to since day one. She is very affectionate and mellow, but hyper when in the mood. She never bites or nips (humans) and gets along well with others. I'm more than happy to have this wonderful ferret in my life now!

    After nearly a year of having a single ferret, Mom was finally convinced that getting a sibling for Brooklyn would be a good idea, and it certainly was! We tried out her brother, but he didn't get along well with me, and it turns out Em was the perfect choice!

    She is the only one of my two fuzzies who gives kisses! She is a "lap ferret" and gets along well with everyone. Em likes meeting new creatures (human and non-human) and is somewhat of a follower, at least compared to her sister. She loves playing hide-and-seek, which involves chasing her sister around her Grandma's desk and having little staring contests.

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