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March 23, 2004

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Knabbel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Knabbel
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Campbell's Hamster
Home: Beselare, Belgium
   Knabbel is a very special little guy. I got him from the local pet store. They had many hamsters so I had to choose between them. Because I couldn't choose, I placed my hand open in the cage and asked "Who wants to come?" And out of nowhere, a funny little guy came and placed himself on top of my hand. No doubt possible, this one wanted to come along. It wasn't me who had chosen a pet, it was the pet who had chosen me. So I took him with me and named him Knabbel (Dutch for nibbler).

    He is the first hamster I ever had so this alone makes him special. He likes to sleep with a little smile on his face. He also likes to stand up looking out, like he's asking "Hey, why don't you let me out for a while?" And when he's out, he likes to discover things: "What's this?" "Can I eat this?" "Run run run, try to catch me if you can!" The picture you see is when he's just gotten some new food. This is also his favorite part of the day: when he gets new food or a hamster candy. He's now got company from the hamster (named Prutske) of my girlfriend, they live in separate cages. This little friend has made my life happier!

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