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March 20, 2004

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Boo, Wispy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Boo, Wispy
Age: Ten, Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Dwarf, Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   I got Boo as a birthday present from the Humane Society and Wispy a few months later at a Pet Store. My bunnies are special to me. They helped me get over the loss of my dogs Baby and Bud. Boo runs around the house thumping and chewing up the carpet. Wispy likes to be held and loves food, she is a little over weight. My cat Patches plays with the bunnies, Boo was very attached to Patches when we first got her, then after we got Wispy, she likes a bunny more than a cat. My other three cats could care less about the bunnies running around the house with them. My two cockatiels go into the bunny cage when ever they get a chance to. They just fit right in with all my pets.

    We were told Boo was a four-month-old boy bunny, (so we named him Thor) so after getting Wispy, we decide to get Boo neutered. Mom dropped off Boo at the Vets and went to work. In the afternoon, her cell phone rang and it is the Vet laughing, saying Thor was a girl!!!! When we picked up Boo, we took Wispy too, to be checked, to make sure she was a girl. I learned how to tell the sex of bunnies, too. So we changed her name to Boo, and she answers better to Boo. She must not have liked being called a boy. Bunnies are great pets and I love them both very much.

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