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March 18, 2004

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Jackpot!, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jackpot!
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Home: Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA
   Jackpot! is unusual in color and temperament. He acts like a baby when he is held. He holds my finger with his paws so the other finger can pet his back. He loves to be held by women and will cuddle with most everyone who holds him. Unlike most hedgehogs, Jackpot! is not as nocturnal as others. I can wake him anytime and once he is awake had no problem being awake.

    He exercises every night in his wheeball which is a critter ball set up as a wheel. The ball has a hole that he runs to jump into at night when I put him back in his condo. He also loves to be sung to. He will cock his head and just listen to you. When he hears a tune on the radio, TV, or laptop, he will immediately stop what he is doing and pay attention. One just can't help but love Jackpot! He is one of a kind.

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