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March 17, 2004

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Paulie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Paulie
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Alexandrine Parakeet
Home: New Delhi, India
   This is Paulie with me and Bruno, my pet Labrador Retriever. Paulie is an extraordinary parrot, at least for us. Although he does not talk too much, he is a great one at imitating sounds. Most of the sounds he has picked up are from the balcony of our flat in New Delhi, India, where we keep him for some part of the day during winter. He has a few mynah birds as his friends who come to pay him a visit at least once a day.

    Paulie can "caw" like a crow, yelp like a puppy, mew like a cat and imitate practically any sound or cry related to birds/animals. He is a great whistler and starts whistling as soon as he hears the dining chairs being pulled out by us while settling down to our meals.

    And to top it all he is a great "kisser" and will kiss us at the drop of a hat. And believe it or not he can sense our presence, better than dogs can. He starts off whistling as soon as he hears our car being parked in the runway, two stories below.

    I really don't know if you have heard of parrots crying. But Paulie does exactly that, when he is annoyed. It is a long drawn out "ennnnh ..." He has learned to copy my laughter and my wife's too. He does not usually bite, but try to take him away off my wife's shoulder and you could be in for a nasty nip. He is too fond of my wife, and likes to peck at her hair playfully. He is very intelligent and a fast learner!

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