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March 14, 2004

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Robin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Robin
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Robin
Home: Virginia, USA
   My special pet is Robin, a three and a half year old robin that was doomed for certain death. I spotted him sitting in the middle of a busy road in Gloucester, Virginia. At first I thought he was a pine cone, but to my surprise it turned out to be a little ball of feathers. I turned my car around at the first place I found, back tracked to his location (still sitting on the yellow line), did a quick open of the door, lean and scoop maneuver and brought him to safety. He barely filled the palm of my hand, consisting of more feathers than body. He was bleeding in several places and had a very serious break to his left leg. Since I have had many years of experience in raising orphaned birds, I went right into mommy mode with him. An attempt to splint the leg didn't help much. He is unable to hold on with his left foot. I decided to hang onto him for that reason.

    He was raised sharing the spotlight with my four cockatiels. Over the years he has picked up every song, whistle and sound of the other birds. In fact, the way he sings their songs sounds better. He loves to take baths and peeps the whole time. He loves me so much, that when I am away on trips he shuts down, refusing to eat or drink. Almost lost him on one long vacation, but I held him for several days when I returned until he regained his strength. We love our little Robin. He is a beautiful little bird, inside and out.

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