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March 12, 2004

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Quench, the Pet of the Day
Name: Quench
Age: Three months old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Eugene, Oregon, USA
   My name is Quench! You know, like quench your thirst... I got my name because my owner thought something was wrong with me when she first got me. I wouldn't eat for two days, but it was just because I was so thirsty! My owner's boyfriend knows animals well and sprayed me for the longest time, and boy did I drink a lot of water! My owner says that her boyfriend saved my life. I ate right after I drank the water!

    I like to look at myself in the reflection on my aquarium, and bask in the warm light all day long - unless I'm eating crickets, that is! Got to be quick for at least those times! I can do many facial expressions that are comical, and my owner likes to just sit and watch me be a lazy lizard.

    I call Quench a boy, but he is too young to be sexed quite yet. Even if he turns out to be a her, he will probably still be a boy in my mind! Most people would say that bearded dragons do not respond to people talking to them, but Quench seems to be very smart because he turns his head and looks at me if I start calling his name from across the room. He loves to eat, but will only eat his veggies if I feed them to him by hand. I also notice that wherever people are in my room, he is always following them with his eyes and moving to a place where he can see everyone. His favorite things to do are to be a lazy lizard and to sit under his heat lamp, or look at his reflection on his terrarium and run back and forth looking at himself. He is my best buddy! I swear he is like a little human because he has many moods, while at first glance a lizard seems very mellow and neutral. When I sit at my computer and hold him, he will jump off like he wants to be free, but will end up just sitting on the keyboard and watching me.

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