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March 11, 2004

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Lexus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lexus
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red-sided Eclectus
Home: Belleview, Florida, USA
   This is Lexus, she is very special to us. She loves to cuddle at night and when we come home from work she always says "you my friend?" Or sometimes "kiss mommy!" She has a 40-word vocabulary, when it rains she starts to fluff her wings trying to get wet, so I take her out to enjoy a natural bath. Here she is in the rain in this picture.

    She has a sweet personality. She always wants to be in our company either on our shoulder or beside us. When we eat dinner she wants to join us. One trick we taught her is to shake for a treat. Now if i'm sitting by her cage eating something she will automatically lift her foot to shake without my asking. Now I'm teaching her to do the hokey pokey. When I say "put your right foot in and your left foot out," I move my fingers back and forth and it works! She will actually left her foot! Next I'm trying to get her to turn around. She likes when I sing to her.

    She is more affectionate during the night. When the lights are turned out we hear her little feet coming through the kitchen into the bedroom to find us. She loves being under the covers. Lexus says "I love you," "night night," "you my friend," "where you at?" and the list could go on.

    As an eclectus, she requires a lot more care than regular birds. They must have a high-fiber diet and foods high in vitamin A. Only 25% of her diet is seed. because their esophagus is longer, seed takes longer to digest and could cause harmful bacteria. She needs lots of fruits and vegetables, so it is a daily routine for me to cook for her. Sweet potatoes and corn are her favorites. I also give her beans and brown rice. Her favorite fruit is grapes and blueberries. Needless to say Lexus is spoiled rotten - she is our favorite little girl!

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