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March 10, 2004

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Larry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Larry
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Tucson, Arizona, USA
   My name is Larry. I'm a guinea pig. This picture was taken when I was a baby. But now I am big and strong and the top pig in my cage. I like to climb into my haybin and boss the other guineas around - I don't fit as well as I did back when this was taken, though. I escape and type on the computer when my slaves (I mean the big stoopid humanz) are gone. I like to eat parsley and carrots and apples and oranges and cucumbers. If you are a guinea pig, know that I am better than you and I would rule your cage, too. Just ask my underlings, Dexter and Cloud and Henry. They are stoopid, but I let them stay because they worship me. Even the cat knows to leave me alone, since I made noises to let her know I was boss of this house!! My humans keep a lid on my cage to keep the cat safe from me!! Wheek!

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