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March 8, 2004

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Katie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Katie
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Holland Lop Rabbit
Home: Burke County, North Carolina, USA
   I walked into a pet store right before Christmas with my mom and I showed her this Holland lop (now known as Katie) that I wanted so badly. She was the most precious rabbit that I have ever seen and I knew I would have her one day. About a week later I took my husband into the pet store to show him the rabbit that I wanted and when we walked in I noticed that they had moved her into another cage and had another Holland lop in her old one. I told him that this was the one I wanted and that I hoped she wasn't sold. On Christmas morning my sister brought this huge thing with a sheet covering it out to me, I had no clue what it was. I pulled the sheet back and to my surprise there was Katie. I just about screamed I was so happy to have the one rabbit that I wanted. The day after I took my mom into the pet store to show her Katie she bought her. Not knowing that the day I took my husband in there to show him Katie she was sold to my mom. Katie was truly a surprise to me and that's why she's so special to me.

    Katie is a very active rabbit once let out of her cage. We are still working on discovering each other. She really loves to play, my husband and I sat down of the evenings and let her out and we begin to play with each other, she is sorta like a cat, she likes for you to scratch the floor with your hand and she will jump at it and really loves to do this. Sometimes or most of the time Katie uses our living room floor for a track. She just runs has fast as she can around and around our floor. I think the most funniest thing yet about her is that she will pick her food tray up and sling it like it is in her way and wants to move it and trust me when I say that she can really give it a good sling too. This is just a bit of Katie's personality that I have come to know in the short of time that I have had her. I know that there will be much more to learn about her and I can't wait because she is so interesting to watch and play with!

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