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March 1, 2004

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Mango, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mango
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mollucan Cockatoo
Home: Athens, Alabama, USA
   Mango loves to take showers and dance around in front of the hair dryer. Mango knows lots of words and phrases such as Hi, hi Mango, be a good bird, stop that, doggies, pretty bird, are you okay, what's up, and he picks words up really quickly so you never know what he will say next. He also combines words from his some phrases that he knows so he can say things like "Hi good bird okay."

    Mango is a complete love bug and likes nothing better than to be scratched and petted while sitting in your lap or on your shoulder or head or anywhere as long as he is being scratched. He likes to run on the counter top and on the kitchen floor and chase people or play fetch with a towel. I go about once a week to discount stores to buy baby toys for Mango to play with (which he loves) and would advise anyone with a large parrot to do this, it is an inexpensive way for him to play with and eventually destroy toys. We also buy bird toys for him, but he usually prefers his baby toys and they are in every room in the house!!

    Mango is a little bit spoiled and can get extremely loud when he wants attention (he is, after all, a cockatoo) and so we try to keep him on a fairly strict schedule with an evening nap and the same bedtime and feeding times each day. This helps him be a calmer and quieter Mango which keeps us from losing our hearing completely. We love Mango like he is our child and even when he lets out ear shattering screams on a day when I already have a headache, I couldn't imagine how depressing the silence would be if we did not have him in our family. Mango lives here in Athens, AL with his mommy (me), his daddy, four other birds, two dogs, and some fish.

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