Mr. Keet, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mr. Keet
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green parakeet
Home: USA
   Originally called Mr. Keet, my parakeet is called many different names like these: Keeter, Fuzzball, Speedway, and Tweeter. We got Mr. Keet at a PetCo about a year and a half ago. At our house, he is a spoiled bird! In the morning we let him let him out of his cage and he then has the run of the house except for bathrooms and halls, etc. He usually flies to his favorite curtain rod in our high-ceiling, sunny living room with skylights, and from there he can see everything going on during the day. He likes to move onto one side of the curtain rod over the piano where he can listen to me practice the piano an hour every day! He loves music and will sing to piano, saxophone, clarinet, or just the radio. Another thing he loves is to listen to people's conversations whether over the phone, on the radio, or right next him.

    Mr. Keet likes to eat carrot tops, lettuce, and many different kinds of seeds. We are still trying to train him to talk, go on your finger/shoulder, etc. All in all, I am glad we got Mr. Keet!!!

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