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June 26, 2004

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Beverly, Glen, the Pet of the Day
Name: Beverly, Glen
Age: Five, Three years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Red Eared Sliders
Home: Santa Monica, California, USA
   Beverly (the bigger one) and Glen were born here in Southern California, so I named them after a street in LA. They must be in love, because they do everything together. In the morning they like to stack on top of each other (as sliders often do) and bask in the sunshine, working on their California tan! They'll dive, go for a swim, climb things, play, or watch TV, but always together. Sometimes I put them in their exercise ball, and they travel all through the house, closing doors behind them. They get along great with my Toy Poodle, and my Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. The rabbit always wants to race. He never read that fable, I guess.

    If some people think that turtles are slow, they've never seen B & G at feeding time. Turtles can move pretty quickly when somebody puts some feeder fish in their tank, especially if they're hungry, which is just about anytime. Their favorite treat though is watermelon. As they get bigger, I have to hand feed them larger pieces of watermelon so they don't get a taste for "finger food", if you know what I mean. After lunch, they like to stretch out, float, and nap for an hour or so. That's when I wish I were a turtle too!

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