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June 17, 2004

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Noah, the Pet of the Day
Name: Noah
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: Aledo, Texas, USA
   This is my Umbrella Cockatoo Noah. We think Noah is about eleven years old. Noah has been with us for three years as of last Christmas.

    What makes Noah so special is his story. We rescued Noah from a very bad situation. He had been bred and used as a breeder bird and had been kept all his life in a tiny cage barely big enough for him and his mate. Eventually, his mate did turn on him in these conditions and attacked him so viciously that he still bears bald cheeks that were scarred too badly to ever re-grow feathers. When I found Noah, the man who was selling him had him outside in a horribly dirty cage in December in the rain, a condition that can mean quick death to these birds. It was actually flooding much of the area that day and since we almost got swept away in the rain on the way home we dubbed him Noah.

    Noah was not a tamed bird and he acted like he had never been held kindly before in his life. We rushed him to the veterinarian's office before even taking him home and after treating him for some ailments common to parrots and general bad health caused from deficiencies in his diet, the vet told us that he did not have much hope for ever taming Noah and tried to warn me about the road ahead. It took me a solid year to tame Noah and the biggest issue was of course trust.

    It became painfully obvious just how bleak his life had been. He didn't know how to play with toys and he wouldn't eat most foods. We also have had reoccurring bouts of illness that the vet has said is caused by just how bad him health had gotten to when we rescued him.

    But Noah is now like my child. He is gentle and sweet. He is most at home when sitting on my shoulder and he enjoys the freedom of our entire home. He also had a new family member as we have rescued a 22-year-old Indian ringneck who is also doing quite well. The vet is amazed and so am I. I have certainly put a lot of work into rehabilitating Noah, but the reason he has come so far is because he so desperately wanted to be loved. He is a good example of how pets can be wonderful if they are provided for and allowed to put their trust into their people and he provides hope for animals that many say are too far gone to help. Noah taught me that there is always hope and with patience, time, and love much can be accomplished.

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