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June 13, 2004

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Stanley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Stanley
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Texas, USA
   Stanley is such a wonderfully, lucky bunny! He started his life full of challenges. His mommy was killed by a wild animal while she was eating her dinner in the vegetable garden in the back yard. Stanley and his brother Weasel were rescued by my mother and fed milk and molasses every few hours using an empty food coloring bottle. The hard life didn't stop there! When Stanley was still a baby, my step-dad accidentally tossed his Stanley work boots on poor little Stan (hence his name).

    Stanley now lives in Texas, and his brother Weasel lives with my mom back in Tennessee. Stan lives with our two cats - he loves to sniff noses and share a delicious meal of fresh picked grass with them. Stan loves to do the happy bunny hop and runs circles around my ankles while making these really cute little grunting sounds If he's ignored even for a second, he'll thump his feet until we pet him. His favorite spots are cuddling on the couch or stretched out on the cat stand. He loves to nibble on my flip flops and sometimes wires (bad boy)!

    Some of Stan's favorite foods are sunflower seeds, saltine crackers, celery leaves, and cilantro. He also likes dog breath treats made from oat bran, carrots, and parsley - he'll yank them right out of my hand and run away to hoard his beloved treat! He loves to have his face petted and will nudge your hand if you stop. He throws his toys around and could play that game for hours! He also loves to our hands with his warm little tongue.

    We never knew how playful or endearing a little leaping bunny could be!

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