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June 12, 2004

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Cookie, Nutmeg, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cookie, Nutmeg
Age: Three months, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian-mix Guinea Pigs
Home: Queens, New York, USA
   Cookie (on the left) and Nutmeg (on the right) are two of the sweetest guinea pigs you could ever want. I adopted Nutmeg two years ago along with her momma, Calico. I finally adopted Cookie this past December as a companion of Nutmeg after the passing of Calico last June. I didn't think I could adopt another since I had been so attached to Calico but Nutmeg was becoming withdrawn and I knew it wasn't fair ... I'm so glad I adopted another! After two days they were inseparable! Every morning when my alarm goes off at 6:15 they start their "morning laps" around their huge cage which I built. Our bedroom is next to the den so I can hear them running around and jumping, just waiting for me to poke my head in the door. They know that once that alarm goes off food is close behind! Once they have their breakfast they wait for me to pick each one up for a little cuddling before I race around the house getting ready for work. I can't tell you how much joy they bring to my husband and me. I'm even considering adding one more to the mix!

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