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June 10, 2004

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Chi-Chi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chi-Chi
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Senegal Parrot
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   Chi-Chi has become a special part of our lives, well, mine at least. I never thought about having a pet bird. One day I was out on my porch watering my flowers when suddenly I felt the flapping of wind by my ear. I thought to myself "the birds have the whole sky and they fly right past my head!" As soon as I looked up, there standing right in front of me was a parrot! I gently tip-toed inside as to not scare the bird away and called to my husband "come quick, there's a parrot." Unsure what to do with the parrot my husband got an empty box, I put my finger out and to my surprise he climbed right on. I put him in the box (it was a big box). We went to the managers office of the apartment complex where we lived to tell them we found a parrot if anyone said they lost one. We waited a month, but with no response. I had no plans whatsoever on keeping him since we already had three cats! I know his age because he has a leg band stating the year and month he was hatched (February 2000).

    But, the parrot, now known to us as Chi-Chi, touched my heart. He adores me, but unfortunately I cannot say the same about my husband. Chi-Chi loves me to hold him, pet him and play with him. My husband walks into the room and Chi-Chi makes a horrid noise that hurts our ears! My husband has tried to make friends, by feeding him "treats". He loves green grapes! Chi-Chi likes to trick my husband by sticking his leg out to climb on his finger, then when my husband puts his finger out he quickly puts his leg down and turns his head quickly to bite him.

    He doesn't know any words although I am trying to teach him. Right now I am trying to get him to say "I Love You" and "Chi-Chi Loves To Dance". He sure does love to dance and rocks his head back and forth to the beat. He imimates noises... the phone, whistles, and clicking sounds I make when calling the cats.

    We get our "out-time" everyday, making sure to lock the cats out of whatever room we are in to insure the utmost protection. One cat is allowed in the room with us because she wouldn't hurt a fly. She was smelling Chi-Chi the other day and he didn't like it because he bit her right on the ear and made her yelp! The poor kitty!

    I've done research on Senegals and need to buy more books. Prior to Chi-Chi flying into our lives I knew nothing about birds, and like I mentioned before never dreamed of owning one. Now I can't picture my life without him. I want to make sure he gets the best care so he can live a looooong and healthy life. And getting him to like my husband wouldn't hurt either so we don't have to hear that awful screeching sounds he makes anymore!

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